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Anything with Megan and Tommy? … there is not enough material with them.

You read my mind! 

I just found out I’m going away for the long weekend, but I’ll get right on it once I’m back… or even before, if I finish packing in time. :)

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3x10 - Committed

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Been unexpectedly busy all day, as apparently, I’m going seaside with my friends for the long weekend…?


(Only, now I have to pack, and get my hair done, and finish my uni prep work, and get all the food, and stuff my iTunes with enough new episodes / songs, and—did I mention—pack, and ~stuff, and blerghhhhh… Is it too much to ask just to fast forward to the sun and the beach?)

Anyhow, we’re leaving Friday morning, and won’t be back ‘til next Wednesday, and since there’s no wi-fi in Narnia…


I’ll be on today / tomorrow as much as the packing will allow me, and then I’ll see you in a week. 

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So, how does one do that thing when you reply with a post to a reply to your post exactly…?

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Apparently, I’ll need to gif the hell out of Body of Proof, asap. Any requests?

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Tommy: You're human, like the rest of us.
Megan: Yeah, well I don't like it.
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Asjfdjskldjhsddddd!!! This episode was actually the best!!!!

Only, if I were Megan, I would’ve shot that girl, then revived her, then killed her (with fire, and anything and everything else) again and again in every imaginable agonizing way, the little murdering shit of a brat!!!!!!!

PS. Tommy was right, and Megan was not. The world must be ending.

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